The Most Powerful People in Residential Real Estate 2016

What is Power?

Power is an elusive concept. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as "the ability or right to control people or things." Of course that raises the question of what is meant by "control." Control is defined as directing the behavior of, or to cause a person to do something. Power can also exist even though it may not be exercised, simply because having power can discourage others from challenging it.

Not easy, nor straightforward. So you can just imagine the healthy debate we had as to what criteria should be used in creating such a list. But we all agree what this is not. It is not a popularity contest. It is a not casual quick selection of people you know. It is not based solely on head count, office count or revenue, and it is not pay-to-play.

In the end, the SP200 is based on a great deal of research. We scoured the Web, read hundreds of bios, read hundreds of LinkedIn pages, sent hundreds of requests for additional information, made endless telephone calls to verify or confirm statistics, and cross-referenced data with surveys and reviewed company financials, and annual reports, and announcements. In short, we did more homework than anyone else does.

So after some 400 hours of evaluation, eight members of the SP200 Editorial Committee got together for a face-off to deliberate the nominees (see VIDEO here). Some people have entrepreneurial power, and some have financial strength, some hold high office, some have personal power, some have positional power while others have political clout. Some are innovators, some executives, some doers, some dealmakers. It doesn't matter. We have tried to analyze them all and listed leaders in nine different categories - check the tabs at the top of the page.

The Swanepoel Power 200 Lists

The Overall Power 200 List of 2016

This is the primary list that identifies the overall top 200 most powerful leaders. This list includes everyone within the Corporate Executive, Power Broker, Women Leaders, Technology Executives and Association and MLS Executives. People listed within Outside Powers, Trendsetters and Social Influencers are exclusive to their respective lists.

SP200 Corporate Executives

The SP200 Corporate Executives List includes CEOs and other C-Level executives, that hold senior positions with national franchises, referral networks, and other collective groups.

SP200 Power Brokers

The list is composed of brokers, owners and/or senior managers of residential real estate brokerage companies, irrespective of whether they are independent or are affiliated with a franchise or network.

SP200 Women Leaders

This list highlights an impressive group of women that have reached the highest level of leadership in the residential real estate industry.

SP200 Technology Executives

This list focuses on the founders, board members, and senior executives engaged with a technology company, whose company is a service provider to residential real estate brokerage companies.

SP200 Association/MLS Executives

This list includes both elected leaders and appointed senior executives of national, state and local REALTOR® associations as well as other real estate societies, and MLS companies.

SP200 Outside Powers

Someone who does not derive their primary source of income directly from the residential real estate industry, but through their ownership or the position/office they were appointed or elected to, have significant influence and impact on the industry.

SP200 Trendsetters

This list features the innovators, dealmakers and upcomers that are anticipated to make a difference in the industry.

SP200 Social Influencers

Social Media platforms Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram have allowed a new group of influencers to rise to national prominence. Their power is exerted by garnishing a strong following on Social Media platforms, mainly through the regularity and quality of their postings, blogging, commenting, educating, and selfless sharing.