About The Swanepoel T3 Group

Stefan Swanepoel, CEO
stefan (@) | 949.202.5758

Jack Miller, President
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Since 1997 we have identified and analyzed hundreds of trends, business models and shifts that have impacted the residential real estate industry. Many trends were detailed years before they became main-stream business influencers. Our suite of reports and studies include:

  • Swanepoel Trends Report (annually since 2006)
  • Technology Guides (biannually since 2010)
  • Swanepoel Power 200 (annually since 2014)
  • Tens of white papers and case studies since 1999, including major national studies such as:

  • The Definitive Analysis of Negative Game Changes Emerging in Real Estate (D.A.N.G.E.R.),
  • The equivalent comprehensive study of the Canadian market, and currently in research,
  • A Commercial Real Estate Analysis of the Latest Emerging Risks and Trends (CRE A.L.E.R.T.).
  • At T3 Sixty, Swanepoel T3 Group’s consulting division, we don’t create the news. We don’t even report on the news. But we understand what causes the news, why it happens and what impact it may have on you.

    So we help reduce the noise in your decision-making process.

    Knowing change, especially before everyone else, enables you to create strategies that give you an advantage. You can find double-digit growth if you know where to look. Unfortunately, history is also littered with examples of missed opportunities and wrong turns.

    Although no one can exactly predict the future, constant exploration and systematic analysis provide insights that can be as valuable as market intelligence, if not more so. As a business leader, you may also some-times need help.

    And that is what T3 Sixty provides.

    A multi-disciplined and proficient consulting team focused on solving problems. If you would like to explore how you could leverage this to your benefit, reach out to us for a confidential conversation.