Joel Singer

CEO, California Association of Realtors

Overall Rank: 30
Category: Trade Association/MLS
Category Rank: 3

As long-time California Association of Realtors leader, Singer plays a huge role in the industry, not just as the head of the nation’s largest state Realtor association, which has over 185,000 members, but as a tech pioneer.

After becoming CAR CEO in 1989, he helped found CAR-subsidiary zipLogix, maker of the popular form-filling technology zipForm used by over 100,000 agents nationwide, in the early 1990s. Under Singer’s leadership, zipLogix in 2016 kicked off a $12-million-per-year agreement with NAR that provides several zipLogix products to Realtors as a free member benefit. Singer also sits on the board of CAR’s rapidly growing Housing Affordability Fund, a nonprofit that produces, distributes and promotes affordable housing that has raised $2.3 million since inception.