His books have been featured on over 18 best-seller lists including:


Download-FourToday’s global real estate economy requires visionary leadership. Providing CEOs, business leaders, association and MLS executives, brokers and high performance teams the knowledge, best practices and support to reshape their businesses. T3 Sixty provides a 360° approach to real estate business that includes extensive research, trend watching, strategic analysis and thinking, business innovation, digital disruption management as well as risk and compliance assessments and preparation.

T3 defines a good strategy as the commitment to a set of concise plans and articulate activities aimed at achieving a specific, clear and gratifying goal. T3 Sixty has an extensive and experienced team of management consultants skilled in helping consider all the options, sketch out the scenarios and find an innovative winning strategy.

It is easy to understand why Stefan has for over four decades served as a successful business executive in roles including President and/or CEO of a real estate brokerage, a global real estate franchisor, a national REALTOR® association, a MLS organization, and a technology startup. For the last 19 years he has served as a trusted confidential adviser to CEOs and other senior leaders in the real estate industry.

2016-SP200-Cover-Image-v2-3DThe Swanepoel Trends Report has become the most widely read and respected annual trends report in the real estate industry.The annual Swanepoel Trends Report provides more research, more objective strategic thinking, scenarios, stats and solutions about changes, trends and business models impacting the residential real estate industry. If you are a serious professional in the real estate industry on any level – broker, owner, manager, franchisor, franchisee, technologist, association/MLS executive, association leader or top producing agent – this is the most comprehensive analysis you will get.

Many trends analyzed and predictions made over the past 20 years have already occurred while the collapse of the dotcom market and the housing markets caused some shifts to delay. Wider delivery of broadband, explosive growth, ability and usage of mobile communications, and the maturing of the digital generations (Gen X and Y) have pushed the real estate brokerage business to the cusp of significant and fundamental change. Now in the 11th annual Swanepoel Trends Report we deliver not only the latest trends but now also delve deeper into uncovering persuasive strategies, providing workable solutions, and identifying companies that are already moving to where the puck is going to be.

Download-Four From the real estate industry’s leading trend analyst and New York Times bestselling author, Stefan Swanepoel, now comes access to highly successful business leaders who have distinguished themselves as incredible innovators, brilliant problem solvers, gifted communicators… real estate’s Thought Leaders.

Stefan has become the custodian of American real estate and now hosts the industry’s leading annual brainstorming event—the T3 SUMMIT. The event is specially targeted towards CEO’s and other C-Level Thought Leaders that are shaping, will influence and/or wish to redefine the $55+ billion residential real estate brokerage business. But this strategic leadership Summit isn’t like any other event. It’s a one of a kind, commercial free environment where the Thought Leaders of the real estate industry can listen to stimulating presentations, have meaningful strategic discussions, and interact with each other in a non competitive atmosphere.

The Summit is the one event in which all of the industry’s key Thought Leaders gather together in one place to share their insights. The creative energy generated by listening in as they share the things that influenced them, their philosophies, their guiding principles and the experiences that shaped their vision is changing the industry.

2016-SP200-Cover-Image-v2-3DAs Editor-in-Chief, Stefan Swanepoel heads the Swanepoel Power 200 (SP200) annual ranking of the top “Power Players” in the residential real estate industry and publishes nine lists covering Corporate Executives, Power Brokers, Technology Executives, Women Leaders, Association/MLS Executives, Outsider Powers, Trendsetters, Social Influencers, and the overall POWER 200. Thousands of leaders are reviewed, exceeding 400 hours of focused research, face-to-face meetings with most people on the list, an analysis of all companies, and a 20-hour T3 team deliberation. The team scoured the Web, read hundreds of bios, read hundreds of LinkedIn pages, sent hundreds of requests for additional information, made endless telephone calls to verify or confirm statistics, and cross-referenced data with surveys and reviewed company financials, and annual reports, and announcements.

Stefan would say it is “Not easy, nor straightforward.” So you can just imagine the healthy debate the editorial team had as to what criteria should be used in creating such a list. But we all agree what this is not. It is not a popularity contest. It is a not casual quick selection of people you know. It is not based solely on head count, office count or revenue, and it is not pay-to-play. In the end, the SP200 printed list led by Stefan, is based on a great deal of research. In short, the team did more homework than anyone else does.

for-event-planners-ss-on-stageCommissioned by the National Association of REALTORS®, the Swanepoel Group led by Stefan Swanepoel, was the researcher and author of the D.A.N.G.E.R. Report (definitive analysis of negative game changers emerging in real estate). The purpose was to identify and gather data that may effect the future of the National Association of REALTORS®, and to monitor and research threats opportunities, key trends and issues, particularly from the fields that may impact the industry, their members, the Association, and the real estate consumer. The research data, survey results, and interview responses were categorized into one of five major sections of the industry: Agents, Brokers, National Association of REALTORS®, State/Local Associations of REALTORS®, and MLS organizations, and published in a 164-page report.

Each danger is presented on a double page, with a reference number (category and ranking; e.g. A1 – most severe danger in the Agent section), followed by a descriptive title, a short statement of the danger, an “In Context” section providing background on the danger, and a perspective by the author. Threat levels are estimated by determining the Probability, Timing, and Impact (PTI) of each danger. The scores are based on the research, surveys, input by the Strategic Thinking Advisory Committee, and Stefan Swanepoel.

for-event-planners-ss-on-stageAs Software, becomes more sophisticated, dynamic and responsive, it is increasingly affecting the operations of the typical real estate business. Whether a solo agent, team or brokerage, most of us use a number of software tools each and every day, in a variety of ways. We use GPS to navigate to showings. We purchase leads and seamlessly import them into systems that route, track, score and nurture them. We attract sellers by offering free home valuations using automat- ed valuation models (AVMs) that do the math for us. We use a variety of tools and technologies to generate leads on our own websites.

We create documents in a matter of seconds because of the integration between forms, products, MLSs and other data sources. We are notified of events that may indicate a consumer is about to require assistance in buying or selling a home. We acquire lists of high-value targets and tailor marketing strategies specific to them. We prepare contracts and execute them digitally, from anywhere. We carry in the palm of our hand every document, record and file we have ever created or possessed in our entire career and we can access it all instantly.

Stefan’s direction and contribution on this guide is a hands-on, practical tool covering the full spectrum of the most important elements of the software technologies that impact your business: from portals to real estate CRMs, from lead management systems to digital signature solutions and a number of other key categories. In this guide Stefan targeted the very things that increasingly shape and transform the real estate industry in which we live, work and earn our keep.

Serengeti_Book_3D_NYT_Large-e1300471093622Stefan electrifies audiences from coast to coast, with tales of exotic lands and deep, spiritual connections to the African continent. In just a few short years following his NY Times Best Seller: “Surviving Your Serengeti” Stefan has redefined how people understand and relate themselves and others.

He tells the story of a mythical guide who helps his guests see the truth of wild animals and at the same time… themselves. Using this an African safari and the Serengeti migration as his canvass, Stefan brilliantly crafts a system so powerful that it easily assimilated yet brings such power to individuals, teams and leaders. Not many people have received a standing ovation from a packed stadium at the Anaheim Convention Center for having touched the hearts of 10,000 people at once.