Digital Innovation / Opportunity


Technology Transforming the Real Estate Business

Many speakers teach technology but few bring both a dynamic strategic vision of where it’s going along with a practical nuts and bolts understanding of its application and potential in the real estate space as does Swanepoel. This high tech-high touch video rich presentation will keep you at the edge of your chair from beginning to end. You will be disturbed, scared, entertained, delighted, and kept laughing as he gives you a peek into the cutting edge technology in development and not yet released.

NOTE: This presentation is best suited for 90 minutes and should be viewed on a large screen with good audio. This is a big room blast and is suitable for any audience as an opening keynote. Q&A is not applicable. This presentation is updated twice per month and almost every presentation is unique.

Dangers in Real Estate


D.A.N.G.E.R. – The Definitive Analysis of Negative Game Changers Emerging in Real Estate

When things are going well it’s often hard to imagine it being any other way. The goal of the DANGER Report is to provide real estate leaders and professionals with a comprehensive and objective analysis of the most significant dangers and risks that could possibly impact the real estate industry. The dangers covered in the presentation are not predictions, they are potential threats facing real estate brokers and agents today.

NOTE: This presentation can be tailored from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Most frequently requested is 45-60 minutes for one to two sections of the report or 75-90 minutes for an overview of all sections. Q&A is often added. There are two totally different DAGER Reports and two totally different presentations – one for the United States and one for Canada. Talks are based on the DANGER Report (USA) published in 2015 and the DANGER Report (Canada) published in 2016.

Real Estate Trends


Tracking the Most Significant Shifts in Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry is changing from a ‘Mom and Pop’ cottage industry to a consolidated, Wall Street-driven industry that is focused on scalability and ROI. Continuous change, innovation, and new business models create both concern and opportunity. Having published an annual 160+ page Report for the last decade, Swanepoel is widely accepted as the leading authority and visionary on trends in the real estate brokerage industry. His talks cover the full spectrum of current trends.

NOTE: This talk has enough content for 90 minutes, although it can be scaled back to 60 minutes. The presentation is suitable for brokers and agents but is often used for broker only meetings. It’s ideal as the keynote for workshops, think tanks, and leadership retreats and can, if so requested, include Q&A. The talk is updated every 90 days and is based on the latest Swanepoel Trends Report.

Safari of Self Discovery


Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life

Africa-born Swanepoel shares the distinctive parallels between the African jungle and our concrete jungle, revealing the wisdom we can learn from nature. This engaging keynote presentation is far more than a talk. It’s a high-energy, life-changing experience that transports attendees into an “African Safari” with awe-inspiring visuals, stimulating stories, and revealing breakthroughs. This presentation redefines how people view and comprehend themselves and others, inspiring and energizing them to develop more positive and optimistic ways of connecting with the instinctive skills and strengths residing in all of us. The presentation is accompanied by a free three minute online quiz that has been taken by over 500,000 people.

NOTE: This talk is highly visual and is best delivered on a large screen. It is 75-90 minutes in duration and cannot be shortened. It is suitable for all audiences and has been delivered to project managers, artists, engineers, real estate agents, dentists, etc. It is based on Swanepoel’s New York Times bestseller, “ Surviving Your Serengeti.”