Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Arrival in Africa

Chapter 2. The Enduring Wildebeest

Chapter 3. The Strategic Lion

Chapter 4. The Enterprising Crocodile

Chapter 5. The Efficient Cheetah

Chapter 6. The Graceful Giraffe

Chapter 7. The Risk-Taking Mongoose

Chapter 8. The Communicating Elephant

Chapter 9. Coming Full Crircle

Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life

Pub Date: 2011 Title: Surviving Your Serengeti
Publisher: Wiley ISBN: 978-0-9704523-1-3
Format: Hardcover Retail: 21.95
Pages: 176 Sold by:,


What is your Serengeti? What is your personal ordeal…. your burden…. your battle…. your challenge?

Every day another company cuts jobs or slides into bankruptcy forcing hundreds of thousands of Americans into uncertainty, anxiety and a sense of helplessness. With a failing economy, even the normal tribulations of life have been intensified, so that regular hardships may seem insurmountable.

For 2 million wildebeest of Africa, their Serengeti is a 1,000 mile-long migration filled with hunger, thirst, predators and exhaustion. The journey is so impressive, so dangerous and incomparably massive that is rated the #1 Natural Wonder of the World. The event also offers us a unique window on the very essence of life itself whereby we observe nine skills that individually and collectively serve as a guide for business.

Filled with the magic of Africa, the mystique of wild animals and the epic saga of the migration itself, Surviving Your Serengeti provides a larger-than-life metaphor for the problems and struggles humans and companies experience. It also reveals the primordial secrets for overcoming adversity, conquering one’s fears and ultimately triumphing over any and all challenging conditions.

This wisdom stems from the authors personal experiences, himself Serengeti-born and three decade Africa resident. It affirms his own challenges in relocating to the US 15 years ago, starting a new life and building a new career in pursuit of a dream.

Surviving Your Serengeti teaches us that no journey is ever too long, too far or too difficult. It reassures that nothing is impossible and that everyone can overcome the obstacles of their own personal Serengeti.

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